Integrate TISCOR FacilityManager Data Seamlessly

TISCOR FacilityManager technology has evolved into InspectNTrack, an industry-leading inspection software that offers cloud hosting and an Apple iOS compatible mobile app combined with an updated look and feel. Integrate your data seamlessly with the TISCOR FacilityManager upgrade tool and take advantage of the new technology and added features.

TISCOR FacilityManager becomes InspectNTrack software

Features and Benefits of InspectNTrack Software

Below are some of the top features and benefits that InspectNTrack users love. With these capabilities, you can take what you loved about TISCOR FacilityManager, and enjoy the new functions offered in the updated software.

Failed Inspections Trigger Follow-Up Actions

InspectNTrack goes beyond simply documenting inspections and ensures that failed safety inspections automatically generate corrective action. Corrective actions include:

Discrepancies: This problem log records the source of the issue, cause category, images, resolution categories and more. Discrepancies are logged within an independent module and within each equipment record to assist with identifying reoccurring problems.

Incidents: Set up automated actions associated with specific failures such as moving the extinguisher to a new location, setting the status to inactive, or initiating an additional inspection.

Notifications: System-generated automated notifications ensure that the proper personnel are notified of failures in a timely manner.

High-Speed Inspection Options for High-Volume Routes

Created to meet the needs of universities and companies with large volumes of fire and life safety equipment, our high-performance module is a lightning fast way to document monthly visual inspections and update equipment locations with two simple barcode scans. A typical inspection performed in this manner takes only 15 seconds! This makes compliance with regulations from the NFPA and OSHA that much easier!