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A safe workplace is essential to a healthy business, so choosing the right safety inspection app system is critical. The best, most efficient type of safety inspection app will speed up the process and streamline the overall safety inspection program, which is what InspectNTrack offers all of its customers.

InspectNTrack Features and Benefits

Here are some of the most loved features and benefits offered through our inspection app.

Now, let’s dive a little bit deeper into what inspections are, why they are important, and how our inspection software can help! 

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What is a safety inspection?

The primary goal of a safety inspection is to inspect the workplace for safety hazards. To do this, a safety inspection should incorporate a few crucial steps:

  • Determine whether all safety equipment (such as fire extinguishers and ladders) are in their proper location.
  • Determine if any safety equipment is expired or missing.
  • Gather water, air, and other samples to test for any hazards.
  • Ensure best safety practices are in place.

The safety inspection process determines if any changes need to be made in order to ensure the safety of the workers and their equipment. A proper safety inspection can be the difference between having the right equipment in the right place during an emergency, or a safety disaster putting employees in danger. Utilizing tools like InspectNtrack’s inspection app can help ensure the safety inspection is done properly and on time.

Who needs a safety inspection?

Now that we understand what safety inspections are and why they are important, who needs to actually have a safety inspection? The simple answer: everyone.

Any business or organization of any size should perform routine safety inspections on all their safety equipment. At InspectNtrack, we work with everyone, from large corporations to public schools. If you want to learn more about safety inspections or think now is the time to set up an inspection process, contact us today.

What is a safety inspection app?

A safety inspection app streamlines the entire safety inspection process. Old and outdated systems often use tedious methods to gather data on each asset (fire extinguisher, ladder, etc.). But with InspectNTrack’s safety inspection app, you can quickly and easily ensure accurate data capture and reporting.

InspectNTrack’s safety inspection app allows you to scan the barcode of each asset, and then automatically sends that information to your inspection database. You can quickly make your way through the worksite, scanning items as you go. Once the data has been collected, the software will notify you of any missing or deficient equipment.

You can also create custom reports to track the most relevant information for your company. This process allows you to easily stay up-to-date with your safety equipment inspections, which keeps you OSHA and NFPA compliant, and most importantly keeps your workers safe.

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Why use a safety inspection app?

Safety inspections have been required for years, so what is the benefit of an inspection app?

Traditionally, safety inspections could take days to complete with paper forms. Using an automated app modernizes the process, and can save days or even weeks depending on the size of the organization. InspectNTrack’s safety inspection app offers a great return on investment to most companies.

Also, relying on paper or manual data entry can easily lead to user errors, which could result in fines or violations; non-compliance with regulations puts everyone at risk.

Using an inspection app mitigates risks of data entry and human error. By scanning the barcode of each asset, you can ensure you are inspecting the correct asset. Additionally, scanning the equipment’s corresponding location barcode makes it easy to track whether a piece of equipment is physically in the location shown on the system. The best part? Scanning takes a mere few minutes, whereas manually writing or typing out the information may take two to three times as long.

Here’s what to look for in a safety inspection app

When looking into a safety inspection app, there are a few vital components to consider:

  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Reports

First, you need to make sure the information being recorded is accurate. If you aren’t getting accurate data, then the information is useless for compliance reporting.

Second, the speed of the app. One of the biggest advantages of using an inspection app is the increased efficiency, but that doesn’t matter if your app is slow and you’re waiting on load times. InspectNTrack is the industry’s leading inspection app for speed. It quickly scans the barcode and records accurate data, making the safety inspection process run more quickly.

Lastly, you need to receive quality reports. Even if you have accurate data and you get it quickly, if you don’t have a report on what that data means, it’s not very valuable. Ensure the inspection app you use can provide you with the reports you want and need.

To sum it up

Safety inspections are a crucial aspect of any business or organization. Using the right inspection app can save you time and money. Book a demo today to learn how the InspectNTrack safety inspection app can increase the efficiency of your safety inspections.

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