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Safety inspections can be done a handful of ways, and it’s increasingly popular to invest in mobile safety inspection software. Some companies prefer to keep track of safety inspections with pen and paper, while some prefer to do it on their own using Excel and other tracking tools. While this may work for smaller companies with a few hundred assets, the process does not work on a larger scale.

To streamline the inspection process for both big and small companies, InspectNTrack offers simple-to-use mobile safety inspection software. Below are some of the features and benefits that make InspectNTrack the best inspection software on the market.

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Asset Inspection For Larger Companies

With large companies and higher education institutions, asset numbers can be in the thousands. Trying to track this many asset inspections manually becomes unreasonable and time consuming. The amount of time spent manually recording inspections would consume an EHS department.

Thankfully, InspectNTrack’s safety inspection software mobile provides the ability to track inspections at a much faster rate than a manual process. This saves large companies a significant amount of time when it comes to inspections, while ensuring that inspections are just as accurate as the careful attention of a small company.

InspectNTrack’s Safety Inspection Software Mobile

There are two key factors that make InspectNTrack’s safety inspection software mobile an industry leader. With the combined power of barcode scanning technology and information accessibility, inspections can be done by different people in different locations. The versatility that this gives companies ultimately improves efficiency and improves the communication of information between workers and administrators. 

For example, if a safety inspection failed on an asset, multiple people will be notified and have access to this information. This allows for problems to be solved more efficiently and faster. The use of a barcode scanner allows for inspections to be done much quicker because information can be accessed in a matter of seconds. Additionally, there is no longer an issue of keeping track of information. Let’s talk about the additional benefits of barcode scanning within a safety inspection software mobile.

Why Barcode Scanning?

The barcode scanner can immediately access information on the asset, and anything done on premise is recorded in case it needs to be accessed later. This type of mobile information share is made possible because of a cloud-based information storage system. As soon as information is gathered, it is sent to the cloud where it can then be accessed by multiple users. With tools like these, safety inspection software mobile becomes a useful tool that simplifies the overall inspection process.

Barcodes not only create the mobile aspect of mobile safety inspection software, but significantly increase the speed at which inspections are done as well. Barcodes allow for information and inspections to be done much quicker than manual inspection, making this an innovative feature offered by InspectNTrack.

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Customizable Safety Inspection Software Mobile

InspectNTrack allows for customisation of questions, so if there is a discrepancy, the scanner will ask all desired questions. If there is no discrepancy, employees can quickly move onto the next asset, marking the past scan as completed. This fast-paced, accurate scanning system is only made possible through the technology inside of InspectNTrack’s safety inspection software mobile. 

The idea of manual inspection is no longer possible or feasible for large companies and universities because of the time restraints and inaccuracies that it can cause. With problems arising with these types of inspections, the solution comes in the form of mobile safety inspection software. InspectNTrack’s mobile safety inspection software mobile provides multiple features that make it the ideal choice for large companies and universities alike.

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The InspectNTrack software allows for inspections to be more accurate than a manual inspection could ever be, simply because of human error. Inspections also become significantly faster because of instant information accessibility. 

Barcoded inspections allow for information to be accessed quicker and ensure that the information is accurate. Finally, a mobile safety inspection software becomes mobile because of the cloud based aspect. Information can be accessed from multiple locations and is all stored online. These features allow for InspectNTrack to excel as a mobile safety inspection software.

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