Efficient Inspections in Hazardous Facilities

Safety inspections are critical within flammable or hazardous facilities, but the very nature of the environment makes it challenging to introduce mobile devices for inspection purposes. InspectNTrack offers the ability to perform efficient, interactive inspections on a mobile device while protecting facilities and technicians from harm with intrinsically safe hardware.

InspectNTrack hardware is available in different configurations to meet the stringent needs of flammable facilities:

  • Class 1 Division 2
  • Class 1 Division 1

Our intrinsically safe mobile device options run on modern, Android based platforms and do not sacrifice form or function to ensure safety. We also offer locked-down hardware configurations for high-security facilities.

InspectNTrack’s barcode driven automated inspection software is the industry leader for performing inspections and maintenance activities on any type of device or checkpoint including fire, life & safety equipment. InspectNTrack safety inspection software effectively manages inspections to ensure that they are on-time and accurate. The system is complex enough to turn any inspection into a custom, streamlined activity, but simple enough to offer a painless and intuitive user experience.