Safety Inspections for Higher Education in Seconds

Because colleges and universities are home to thousands of students and staff, conducting safety inspections on these properties is of paramount importance. Often, these higher education settings have a variety of safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, exit signs, fire sprinkler systems and more, all with individual servicing needs. Documenting, inspecting, and maintaining this equipment can be quite the undertaking. However, we have created a tool to simplify and streamline the safety inspection process.

Our no-touch, high-speed inspection software allows a technician to log an inspection and update the location of a piece of equipment with two simple barcode scans in about 10 seconds. This feature, along with many others, makes InspectNTrack’s safety inspection software an invaluable tool for inspectors.

See how safety inspections for higher education can simplify the inspection process for your college or university.

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InspectNTrack software is efficient and accurate with automated barcode inspections. With software, the manual busywork is removed and worries of human errors are reduced for safety inspections.

Our barcode-driven inspection app seamlessly schedules, tracks, and documents inspections and maintenance activities on any type of device or checkpoint. This allows for inspection of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinklers, AEDs, fire doors, and any other type of safety equipment.

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