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Designed from the inside out by an experienced university EHS director, InspectNTrack is a great solution for higher education safety inspections. InspectNTrack’s barcode driven inspection app seamlessly schedules, tracks, and documents inspections and maintenance activities on any type of device or checkpoint. This allows for the inspection of fire extinguishers, alarms, sprinklers, HVAC systems, and almost every other kind of safety equipment.

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Specialized for Higher Education

Most software programs on the market are not able to easily manage the volume of equipment that schools need to maintain. InspectNTrack is specialized in that it relies upon equipment categories to expedite the addition of new equipment and automatically schedule all inspection tasks. Additionally, it was designed to manage moveable assets and constantly track equipment location during inspections. Moving a fire extinguisher to a service location is as fast and simple as scanning a barcode with no manual follow-up required.

What’s Different About Higher Education?

University campuses are unique because they tend to contain a higher quantity of fire extinguishers than other types of facilities. There are numerous challenges with inspecting 10,000+ fire extinguishers on a campus every month, so InspectNTrack developed a special module to expedite the process that is loved by universities and other businesses alike. The no-touch, high-speed inspection module allows a technician to log an inspection and update the location of a piece of equipment with two simple barcode scans in about 10 seconds. There is no manual input required, so the technician can immediately scan the next piece of equipment. This feature is an incredible time saver!

InspectNTrack Used On Campus

Let’s take a closer look to see how two separate universities utilize InspectNTrack’s quick and effective barcode scanning app to simplify their inspection process.

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Efficient and Automated

In the first case, the EHS director at an Ivy League university was able to create automated action triggers for failed inspections. No longer does his inspection technician need to remember the details about problem equipment, but rather the technician uses a mobile device with scanning capability to collect images, notes, and cause categories related to the failure that insert directly into the inspection tour report.

This EHS director noted that one of the best features of the system is that it automatically schedules a follow-up inspection, opens a discrepancy to log the issue, and emails a notice of the problem to his supervisor. In addition, he uses the feature to automatically take equipment out of service. InspectNTrack reduces his worry of human error on data entry and saves his staff time and money.

fire inspection software - use for higher education inspections

Compatible Software for Higher Education Inspections

Another University EHS director was researching fire and life safety inspection apps and was sold on InspectNTrack’s ability to run Android devices, iOS or Windows 10 devices. He also liked that he had the option to purchase pre-configured, enterprise-grade Zebra handheld mobile computers with integrated barcode scanners. It was a simple process for the EHS director to upload his equipment, location list, and organize the equipment into inspectable routes that he assigned to his technicians. He described the program as a “huge weight off of his shoulders,” because he implemented a system where the critical safety equipment was working where and when it was needed, and he knew he would be notified when equipment had issues that required follow-up.

The routes he configured were easy for technicians to follow, and the inspection questions were clear and easy to answer. This software gave his team the ability to focus on other tasks because they were satisfying NFPA and OSHA regulations. He recommends InspectNTrack to Higher Education EHS / Fire and Life Safety Directors who are overwhelmed with the routine inspection of safety equipment because he found it to be the best solution on the market. He is thrilled about the features, accuracy, ease of use, and the time that it saves him.

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