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Save Selected Filter Criteria to My Reports is an option that is available on all Reports.

This process will save you from the requirement of selecting filter criteria each time the report is generated. There is no limit to the number of filter criteria saves per Report. When this option is selected, a Report Name is required. Make sure the Report Name reflects the nature of the filter criteria.

Once filter criteria sets are saved; go to My Reports under the Report menu and select from the custom list of Reports. This is where the Report Name is critical, enabling you to make the correct Report selection from the My Reports menu.

NOTE: Set the Date Filters with caution. It is not recommended to save filter criteria with a custom date that is fixed, as report dates usually change per report. Instead use the other Date Filter options.

There are two options for report generation:

1. Preview Report – Displays the native viewer and provides the option to export to PDF, Word or Excel (report generation is quicker than the ‘Generate PDF’ option)

2. Generate PDF – Defaults to the PDF format