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Even if your workplace isn’t familiar with the importance of safety inspection software and its capabilities, it can truly transform how you perform inspections. But why invest in safety inspection software, especially if you think your workplace is safe?

Workplace fires are more common than you think. In fact, according to NFPA reports, there are an average of 3,340 workplace fires a year that cause millions of dollars in damage. Even though accidents happen, having a safety inspection software that performs regular safety inspections can seriously decrease your risk of a fire.

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Following NFPA Guidelines With Inspection Software

With the increase in machine capability, the risk of fires has grown, putting the lives of employees and civilians at risk. The threat of a workplace emergency is real, and the only way to be sure that you are protected is by following the guidelines set forth by the NFPA. 

These guidelines state that with proper inspection and maintenance of safety equipment, disasters such as these can be prevented. The most effective and efficient way to follow these guidelines is through the use of a safety inspection software. With the capability to automatically remind when inspections are due and guide through inspections, human errors are no longer a problem. InspectNTrack’s safety inspection software allows companies to create the safest workplace possible

How Does Safety Inspection Software Minimize Risk?

One of the most notable differences that a safety inspection software can make is through error minimization. With a digital safety inspection software, results can be precise and recorded accurately, without the chance of human error. Even if your inspection manager is precise, there is always the chance of skipping an asset or performing an inspection inaccurately when done manually.These problems are not the result of negligence, but rather the result of dealing with paperwork and details.

It is unreasonable to expect employees to be perfect when performing safety inspections, but using a safety inspection software solves this problem. It ensures that all assets are checked, maintained, and ready for use in the case that there ever is a fire or other emergency. A safety inspection software such as InspectNTrack can help employees reach this level of perfection with their safety inspections without expecting them to perform it all correctly themselves.

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How Does The Software Work?

InspectNTrack can ensure that all assets are inspected by providing routes for the employees to follow, reminding users if anything is accidentally skipped. Our safety inspection software can also make sure that all inspection results are recorded correctly by recording them digitally. Once an asset barcode is scanned, all the information from the inspection can be automatically input into the system for all users to see.

At the end of the day, the most effective way to remove error and ensure that assets will be ready to use is through a proper safety inspection software. InspectNTrack provides this level of security in knowing that everything recommended by the NFPA was done correctly, which ultimately minimizes risk. Whether you’re a large university, medium-sized business, or a smaller company, our safety inspection software can help.

Use InspectNTrack For A Safer Workplace

There are many ways to reduce the chances of a workplace accident. While the decision on how to improve safety in the workplace depends on the company, InspectNTrack can help large companies and universities all the way down to small businesses. 

Choosing a safety inspection software such as InspectNTrack is the responsible decision for companies that care about the safety of their employees. No matter how much care and attention is put into a manual inspection, it can never be as effective and efficient as a safety inspection software. Inspection software speeds up the process of inspections through barcode scanning, which also in turn helps to eliminate errors. 

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